Janet Johnson interviewed on Russia’s Pussy Riot

The punk band Pussy Riot has long known Putin’s worst intentions. Their impact, current status, and thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are the focus of this article in the UK’s Metro newspaper. CUNY’s Janet E. Johnson, Professor of political science, Brooklyn College, is interviewed:

“In the beginning, the way that they chose to protest was so radical compared not only to Russian society, but also in comparison to the existing feminist and women’s rights movements that existed in Russia,’ she says. 

‘Those before them had tried to play the game, and be a proper non-governmental organization that worked with the government, but also sometimes challenged the government. 

‘So, when they saw Pussy Riot weating balaclavas and making sexual innuendos about Putin, people thought they had gone too far.’ “

Russia’s most famous feminists: What Pussy Riot did next…

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