We host a series of academic workshops during the semester for faculty to share research in progress for feedback and discussion. Workshops each meet monthly in a hybrid format in person at the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies and via Zoom.

The CUNY REEES Kruzhok is a space for scholars in the social sciences and humanities to share research in progress for feedback, with a wider aim of connecting specialists focused on this region within CUNY, New York, and further afield. It is coordinated by Mark Lewis (College of Staten Island/Graduate Center, CUNY), Lukasz Chielminski (Baruch College/CUNY Baccalaureate), and Merrill Sovner (EU Studies Center, Graduate Center, CUNY).

It meets on selected Fridays at 12:30 pm ET during the semester. Check the current schedule and register for upcoming workshops. Email to join the mailing list or express interest in presenting.

The Gender and Transformation in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia Workshop is a unique venue in New York City for the continuing discussion of gender and postcommunism. Founded in 1993, its members have been women activists, academics, journalists, lawyers, and educators concerned about gender inequality in the newly non-Communist countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Members of the Network of East-West Women were some of the earliest participants and speakers. The goal is to provide a venue for those from the region and working in and about it, to be able to provide their most recent work, including on western Europe and Eurasia. The workshop is currently moderated by Janet Elise Johnson (Brooklyn College, CUNY) and Mara Lazda (Bronx Community College, CUNY).

It meets on selected Fridays at 2:00 pm ET during the semester. Check the current schedule.

The Circle for Late Antique and Medieval Studies is a forum for scholars working on the period covering roughly 300-1400 CE.  The Circle hopes to engage scholars working on the Eurasian and Afro-Asian worlds in an interdisciplinary, comparative study of this fascinating period of history when the bases of the modern world were established.  We aim at highlighting the direct relevance of this — as of yet still neglected — period of history to our contemporary and modern world history.  When does Late Antiquity end and Medieval begin in history?  Are the terms applicable to all cultural areas of Eurasian and Afro-Asian worlds?  Can one think of this period globally?  Can one compare and contrast the late antique and medieval worlds across the Eurasian and Afro-Asian worlds?  How can scholars working on this period talk to each other in a truly interdisciplinary fashion?  The Circle anticipates having lively forums and workshops throughout the academic year to address these issues of import to the scholars of the field.  Through the Circle, we hope to establish a dialog with colleagues working on modern history, bringing to bear a better understanding of our contemporary lives. The Circle is convened by Parvaneh Pourshariarti (City Tech, CUNY).

The Circle for Late Antique and Medieval Studies holds two public events a semester. Watch its inaugural lecture by Prof. Richard Bulliet on October 27, 2022.