A man in a white sweater and a hat with ear flaps standing on a street in St. Petersburg, Russia.

REEES Kruzhok, May 10, 2024: “GOYDA and OYDA: Putin’s propaganda narratives through the lens of pro-war and anti-war songs” with Elena Vasyanina

This paper by scholar Elena Vasyanina delves into the influence of Russian propaganda narratives on public perception. Vasyanina presents findings from a content analysis of 70 Russian anti-war songs and 70 pro-war songs (Z-songs), all penned in 2022 and 2023, reflecting on or reacting to Kremlin propaganda narratives related to the war against Ukraine. The assumption is made that songwriters, whether they create “from the heart” or “on commission,” tend to embody in their lyrics what they consider to be important and what emotionally engages them more deeply.

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