Join the CUNY REEES Kruzhok on select Fridays to discuss new research in Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies.

We invite researchers working on the history, politics, societies, and cultures of Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Eurasia, whether you are in the United States or abroad, to participate in this workshop. Not only are scholars from New York-based institutions welcome, but so are scholars from anywhere in the world. This includes independent scholars.

For most sessions, we will pre-circulate unpublished papers so that we can read them in advance and have a fruitful discussion with the authors. We hope this will help expand the horizons of our knowledge beyond our specializations and help authors develop their ideas.

Several years ago, there was a Balkan/Eastern European history Kruzhok in New York City, organized by CUNY Faculty and housed at Columbia’s Harriman Center. At different points, there was a good group of scholars from Columbia, CUNY, New York University, and Rutgers, as well as graduate students from those institutions. In order to rebuild interest in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Eurasia and provide a forum for researchers to present their work for discussion, we restarted the Kruzhok.

The Kruzhok is co-sponsored by the European Union Studies Center and the History PhD Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. It is coordinated by Mark Lewis (College of Staten Island/Graduate Center, CUNY), Lukasz Chielminski (Baruch College/CUNY Baccalaureate), and Merrill Sovner (EU Studies Center, Graduate Center, CUNY).

All sessions meet virtually on Fridays at 12:30 pm unless otherwise specified. Register for all online sessions via Zoom and RSVP to meet in person to

If you are interested in presenting or joining the mailing list, drop us a line at

Review our past events during the Fall 2023, Spring 2023 and Fall 2022 semesters.