David Harvey on the long-term causes of the Russian invasion

David Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography, Graduate Center, and the Director of Research, Center for Place, Culture and Politics, writes about the end of the post-Cold War world order.

“What we are witnessing in the Ukraine conflict is in many respects a product of the processes that dissolved the power of actually existing communism and of the Soviet Regime. With the end of the Cold War, Russians were promised a rosy future as the benefits of capitalist dynamism and a free market economy would supposedly spread by trickle down across the country. Boris Kagarlitsky described the reality this way: with the end of the cold war, Russians believed they were headed on a jet plane to Paris only to be told in mid-flight ‘welcome to Burkino Faso.’”


This Verso blog entry is taken from a talk given on February 27 at the 2022 Annual Meetings of the Association of American Geographers.